A sea sickness patch is not a loud rock patch that makes you nauseous when you listen to them though there may be a few patches out there that do exactly that. A sea sickness patch is actually a patch used to eliminate the feelings of nausea associated with sea sickness, morning sickness, etc.

A sea sickness patch provides a safe alternative to those looking to eliminate their feelings of nausea without taking medications or using uncomfortable sea sickness patches.

In order to understand why some consumers choose the sea sickness patch over taking medications, herbal remedies or using sea sickness patches it is important to understand how each of these options work as compared to the sea sickness patch.



First and foremost, sea sickness medication is a drug that is taken orally to eliminate the feeling of nausea associated with sea sickness. Like any medication there is a potential for side effects and drug interactions so it is important to speak with your medical professional before taking any sea sickness medications.

Sea sickness medications, unlike a sea sickness patch, take some time to be effective, because they must be absorbed and transported throughout your body in order to help alleviate the feelings of nausea associated with sea sickness.

Also, unlike a sea sickness patch, sea sickness medications need to be taken at specific intervals to remain effective, so it is important that you remember to take the medication at the right times so you do not run the risk of becoming nauseous as soon as the medication wears off and before the next dose takes effect.

Though herbal remedies are considered all-natural, they too work on a chemical reaction basis which means you are changing the chemical composition of your body and that also means it takes time to be effective.

A sea sickness patch works nearly immediately as it disrupts the transmission of nausea before it can be registered, there is no chemical reaction in the body and no potential side effects from taking medications, from interaction of medications and so forth.

Consumers have turned to a sea sickness patch to prevent nausea from sea sickness, pregnancy, headaches, chemotherapy and so forth because they find a sea sickness patch to be effective and safe. The level of safety and effectiveness are the two biggest reasons many consumers are stopping the sea sickness medication and putting on the sea sickness patch.


For some consumers they simply do not want to take any medications that can react with other medications or potentially have negative side effects. In recent years many medications that were once widely used and widely prescribed have been found dangerous and since removed from the market. With this growing concern many consumers find using medications completely unacceptable.